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CLI Reference FortiGate / FortiOS 6.0.0 Fortinet.

execute backup config ftp [] [] []or for TFTPexecute backup config tftp Use the same commands to backup a VDOM configuration by first entering the commands: config vdom. edit Backing up a configuration file using SCP. You. execute backup config ftp Backup config file to ftp server. string Make a file name path on the FTP server. This example shows how to backup the FortiGate unit system configuration to a file named g on a TFTP server at IP address

To back up the FortiGate configuration - GUI: Go to Dashboard. On the System Information widget, select Backup next to System Configuration. Select to backup to your Local PC or to a USB Disk. execute backup config ftp [] [] []. FortiGate Firewall Configuration Backup and Restore procedure Firmware V4.0: Do the following tasks to take FortiGate firewall backup. Steps: Connect the firewall through browser. 2. Login to the firewall Enter User name & Password see Figure-4. 3. After logging in, click on System -->Dashboard --> Dashboard on the left hand side of.

This article explains how to send automated backups from a FortiGate to a TFTP/FTP server and also includes how to add multiple CLI commands in the CLI script. set script "execute backup config ftp backup.conf test test" next end where: - is the IP of the FTP server. This article explains the use of TCL scripts in FortiManager and gives a specific example of how to use TCL scripts to ensure daily backups of FortiGate configurations to an FTP server. TCL scripts do not run through the FortiManager tunnel like CLI scripts do.

FortiGate – backup via auto-script. This gives you the possibility to auto-script the execute backup full-config commando. A disadvantage of this command is that you only have the option to use TFTP. There is no option to use a secure protocol like SFTP. An example of an auto-script. Bash script to backup Fortigate firewalls to FTP server -

Performing a Configuration Backup – FortiOS 5.2 Best Practices. To back up the FortiGate configuration – CLI: execute backup config management-station. execute backup config ftp backup_filename ftp_server port user_name password. 23/01/2017 · Hi, "exe backup config tftp/ftp" command can backup config to tftp/ftp server from management vdom. This is FGT local out traffic and source IP can not be edited now. In your case, you need make ip reachable between tftp clientFGT and server. Regards, Jining. 17/09/2014 · This is because we had an issue recently where we were unable to restore the backup taking using the "execute backup full-config" command. Fortinet recommend using the "execute backup config" command as this just restores the configuration that has been changed.

This can also be true of the way the FortiGate saves the configuration files within the 2 scenarios either as a "config" or a "full-config", the "full-config" will include also all default values within the saved file. For example here below we save a full-config file from a device via ftp to a ftp server: config system auto-script edit "backup" set interval 300 set repeat 0 set start auto set script "execute backup config tftp backup.conf" next end To add a script to backup the configuration of a FortiGate with VDOMs enabled to a FTP server every ten minutes for the next hour. Fortigate Backup Script using plink and ftp. Contribute to meamod/FortigateBackup development by creating an account on GitHub. I would like to recommend taking Fortigate device backup on daily basis and Fortigate have feature to take auto backup for Fortigate device via auto script. If your organization has Fortimanagar then taking auto backup from Fortimanagar but if standalone device or single device then Fortigate have feature of taking schedule backup.

Today, we worked on how to automate Fortigate Firewall backups. I worked with my friend and created the below script. It is a simple "expect" script so, all you need to do is to install "expect" to your linux server and enjoy taking back up of your Fortigate Firewall. I think it has to do with the blank-line after the command "config global" but I am not sure. I would appreciate a lot if someone has a workaround for also working config-backup on Fortigates on which VDOMS are used/configured. Best regards, Michael. FortiGate config backups using read-only admin account. Close. 6. Posted by. u/zpwr1. 8 months ago. We are using a read only account to log into the firewalls to perform a config backup on our backup tools Rancid, Tufin,. We would need IPSec tunnels from the FW to the backup server though, as FTP and TFTP aren't encrypted. 13/06/2010 · Im sorry if I'm beating a dead horse but i am having issues getting the Device.Backup.TFTP to work with my fortigates. I included the system status, aswell, as a walk through of available needed commands in the CLI in case you dont have access to a v4.0 Fortigate.

As you know we cant schedule fortigate backups. So you may schedule a cron job to backup your fortigate box and send the backup via ftp. Requirements: Any Linux Server FTP Server may be the same linux machine First we need an expect script to send commands to fortigate box then we will execute it via sh script.I wish someone can port it to. Unfortunately this method does _not_ support sftp or scp, only tftp and ftp, so it might be worth while investigating a different backupsolution if the backup is to run over unprotected networks. Anywho, these are the commands you need to run in order to do a full-config all vdoms backup of a FortiGate: FortiGate01 global . Ad esempio, non eseguire il backup dei file in una partizione di ripristino. Conserva sempre i supporti usati per le copie di backup dischi rigidi esterni, DVD o CD in un luogo sicuro per impedire l'accesso ai file da parte di utenti non autorizzati; è consigliato un ambiente ignifugo lontano dal computer.

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